Hamilton Folk Club
Since 1982
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Photo of the Pheasant Plucker pub fašade.  

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October 10: Open Stage

The Hamilton Folk Club has met at 8:00 p.m. every other Tuesday for over 35 years. Currently the venue is upstairs at the Pheasant Plucker Pub, 20 Augusta Street, Hamilton.

Al Lindsay is intending to step down from running the Hamilton Folk club, with his last club being the night of October 24th, 2017.

If no one takes over from Al, the alternative is that the club will come to an end on October 24th, and will be remembered fondly by many of us, even a few who have been with HFC since its birth in 1982.

We hope that you get an opportunity to attend either the October 10th club or the final one on October 24th.

$4.00 admission, performers free

For further information, call Al, 905-529-8896, or .

About the Hamilton Folk Club:
Hosting regular folk music evenings for over 35 years, the Hamilton Folk Club is now located in a cozy second floor room at the Pheasant Plucker pub. The lights are dimmed around 8:00 p.m. and for the next two and a half hours (sometimes a bit longer) the audience is treated to a concert by a variety of talented musicians. Good food and drink (the Pheasant Plucker is fully licensed) are available at reasonable prices, and our venue is smoke-free. Join us soon for a relaxing evening of fellowship and great entertainment; it’s the stuff of which poetry is written! Just to prove that point, here is one:

Hamilton Folk Club

Eleanor Shaw

There is a place in Hamilton,
It’s called the “folk club” scene.
A welcome place for all who come,
A fun time had for all who’ve been.

Al will lead with wit and whistle.
Although sometimes his jokes will fizzle,
(Sorry, Al) other times they really sizzle.
He told me to say that, but it’s true.

The crowd is loud, the lineup strong,
It starts the same and moves along.
We clap, we sing, and tap our toes,
With amazing sets the evening flows.

Bob, Diane, Sheila, John, Andrew, Darryl,
Russ, Stewart, Larry, Mike, and more,
Steve, David, Eric, Jeremiah, and Doug—
Talent galore.
Dave Jensen, alone, or with the crew,
The beat gets fast and faster still.

The night comes to an end as each one will.
But it’s been great, good times, fantastic music.
With mood so lifted, we leave knowing
In two short weeks we'll be back for more.

Thanks, Hamilton Folk Club